5 Gaming Peripherals to Give You the Competitive Edge

Gaming is serious business these days. With Esports exploding beyond anything we dared dream of and amateur competitive gaming being a global pastime, peripheral technology has become a hot market. Companies small and large are looking to innovate in the field of gaming peripherals. A peripheral is essentially an accessory: hardware not part of your main computer setup. Competitive gamers often surround themselves with peripherals, picking and choosing from the smorgasbord of gadgets available.

If you are looking to build yourself a perfect competitive gaming setup, the market can seem a little daunting. Hundreds of products jostle for attention, and some are quite simply surplus to requirement. We’ve listed five essential peripheral products needed for a competitive gaming rig.


Perhaps the most essential peripheral technology to upgrade is your gaming mouse. According to PC Gamer, picking the right gaming mouse is a personal affair. It really depends which game you are playing, what size your hand is and well…just what feels right. Gaming mice typically have a more sensitive optical sensor than standard issue devices, and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Mouse Cables

Believe it or not, mouse cables really make a difference. Replacing your old rubber shrouded cable with something like a paracord cable from MouseOne Gaming saves around 28 grams of weight. That might not seem like a great deal, but any truly competitive gamer will tell you that the easier it is to move the mouse, the quicker they can react.

Ergonomic Keyboards

Chances are that if you are gaming on a PC, you’ll be a little bit fed up with your regular keyboard. Much like when choosing a mouse, the task of choosing a good keyboard for gaming is made a little more difficult by how subjective it is. The size of your hands, the style of game you are looking to play, and your budget should all be taken into account when picking a new keyboard. If you can, try and find a way of testing a keyboard yourself before buying.  Many keyboards offer ergonomic shortcuts, streaming keys, and external displays.

Mouse Mats

Sometimes speed and accuracy just don’t mix. A slip at the wrong time can jeopardize a game. Reduce the chances of this happening with a good mouse mat. You won’t regret it! It doesn’t have to be complex: a good mouse mat simply has to stick convincingly to the table and provide a perfect matte surface for your mouse sensor. MouseOne Gaming offers a competitive mouse mat for more serious competitors.

Gaming Chairs

Perhaps the most luxurious item on this list, a good gaming chair will change your life. Gaming chairs can be upwards of £3000, but there are decent chairs for all budgets. Esports competitions can be endurance affairs, and Esports professionals need to take good care of their spines. A chair that is comfortable but upright will help with fatigue. Plus, you get to feel like a racing driver. Not too shabby.

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